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Areas of Practice

Blockchain & NFTs

Blockchain technologies have created a new realm of possibilities when it comes to storing data, transacting with users globally, and managing digital assets. One of the many benefits of this technology is its transparency, in which ownership and transaction history can be verifiably proven via a blockchains ledger. Furthermore, blockchains are decentralized and immutable, meaning that there is no central authority in control, and data entry on the blockchain is irreversable.

The Ethereum blockchain was created to enable the creation of "smart contracts". Smart contracts are the simplest version of a bargain for exchange to ever exist. Terms of an agreement are programmed into a smart contract and will self-execute upon the fulfillment of those terms. Smart contracts enable programmers to build applications on the blockchain while giving creatives and IP owners a new medium for revenue generation via non-fungible tokens (NFTs). 

Art & Music

JTM Tech Law is uniquely positioned at the intersection of NFTs, art, and music. Having worked with artists, photographers, musicians, and brands, Jacob is on the front lines, advising clients on issues ranging from intellectual property, ownership, royalties, securities, and everything in between.  

This new medium is heavily influenced by technology, entertainment, finance, and law. Having a lawyer on your team that understands the technology and its vocabulary is critical to successfully launching NFTs on a blockchain. 

Intellectual Property

The issues surrounding intellectual property on the blockchain stretch as wide as IP issues in general. Problems arise when there are multiple creators, old IP, and commercial rights being transferred. JTM Tech Law can help you navigate these issues as well as draft terms and conditions unique to your project. 


Collaboration agreements that address private key management, percentage splits & royalty allocations for creators have been overlooked by many. The technology is not yet capable of solving these issues and a smart contract most likely needs to be accompanied by a real-world contract. JTM Tech Law has a variety of real-world agreements that can be utilized to formalize agreements you've made with your team and partners. 

Start-ups, DAOs, & Financing

From entity formation to fundraising, and through the process of scaling, JTM Tech Law can guide you through the process of building a business. JTM Tech Law is happy to continue doing so with startups in and outside of blockchain and entertainment.


In July 2021, The State of Wyoming became the first state in the US to approve and legally recognize Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). DAOs are entities that operate autonomously and have treasuries that are only accessible following a majority vote of all members of the organization. 

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