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While attending Pepperdine University for law school, Jacob worked for an attorney focused on startups, ICO’s, and many deals surrounding blockchain technologies. This experience would inspire him to start his own company in the blockchain space.

Jacob started a legal tech company that was welcomed into Science. Inc’s incubator program in Santa Monica, CA. The company attempted to build a wills and trusts platform where individuals could assign their digital assets to their families should they pass away. The need for this service is still credible today, but nothing is simple when dealing with private keys and trusted third parties. He was close to selling the venture to a Fortune 500 company but the technology was not advanced enough at the time. 

​Since November 2020, Jacob has gone from “interested” and “curious” about NFTs to launching JTM Tech Law and working 80 hour weeks consulting, prepping agreements, and getting into the weeds on DAO formation and participation in the real world. Jacob has worked with artists, talent, marketplaces, auction houses, curators, agents, managers, and many others in between. ​

For now, there is not much legal precedent surrounding NFTs, and even fewer attorneys actively operating in the space. So, is Jacob the NFT attorney? Maybe.

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